World’s big news website down: Websites like Financial Times, NYT and Bloomberg down, content delivery network down


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New Delhi22 minutes ago

The world’s biggest news website had to face the problem of internet. Websites like Financial Times, New York Times, Bloomberg and Guardian were not loading. This problem persisted for about an hour, after that it got fixed. In Britain too, most news websites had problems opening.

Amazon’s retail website also faced similar problems. The company has not yet given any official statement regarding this. However, initially it is believed to be a technical problem. News agency PTI said that this problem has arisen due to a flaw in the private CDN i.e. Content Delivery Network.

Trouble opening these websites

  • UK official website
  • reddit
  • pintrest
  • Twitch
  • new York Times
  • The Guardian
  • BBC
  • bloomberg
  • financial Times

problem in fastly service
All the websites around the world that crashed or went down have taken service from the Fastly company. Fastly is an American cloud computing based company. The website got down due to problem in CDN service of this company. However, within an hour, the company fixed the problem. Fastley said the problem was discovered and fixed. In some time all websites will start working.

Website started after 45 minutes
About 45 minutes after the problem was fixed, the websites started opening again. Amazon’s name was also included in the list to be down. However, it was doing this work in India. This is the biggest internet outage of this year, because before this big websites had not crashed simultaneously. It is believed that this global outage has affected at least 100 websites.

Twitter and Google were also included in the down list
The Verge also explained the reason for its downing and the problems it encountered through Google Doc. He said that this outage was due to the American company Fastly. Which provides content delivery network service to websites. On the other hand, DownDetector, which reports websites and other services down, is showing multiple platforms down on its website. Twitter, Google, Quora and Spotify were also down in different countries.

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