World Blood Donor Day today: Blood donation possible immediately after vaccination in America, a gap of 14 days kept in view of safety in India

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  • Blood Donation Possible Immediately After Vaccination In America, A Gap Of 14 Days Kept In View Of Safety In India

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If a healthy 18-year-old who starts donating blood every three months from this age and continues until he is 60, he will have donated 30 gallons (about 116 liters) of blood.

  • Answers to important questions related to blood donation in the era of corona epidemic

Blood gives life. The special thing is that your blood can be life-giving not only for you, but also for others. That is why blood donation is necessary. Experts say that if a healthy 18-year-old starts donating blood every three months from this age and does so until the age of 60, then 30 gallons (about 116 liters) of blood will have been donated. 500 lives can be saved with this much blood. June 14 is Blood Donor Day. Know the need of blood donation during the pandemic and the answer to every question related to it.

Blood donation is more important…it does not reduce immunity

  • Can I donate blood during a pandemic?

Yes, even normal blood donation can be done during this period. Rather, at this time when people are in more need of blood, taking precautions of corona, healthy people should donate blood. Donating blood does not reduce your immunity against corona infection.

  • Can I donate blood if I have been vaccinated?

According to the guidelines of the National Blood Transfusion Council, you can donate blood 14 days after each dose of the vaccine.

  • Corona has happened, so when will you be able to donate blood?

If corona is confirmed then you will have to wait 14 days. Cannot donate blood for 3 months if admitted to the hospital due to infection.

  • Can I donate blood if I have flu symptoms?

If there is no fever then you can donate blood as soon as you are completely symptom free for 24 hours. If there was fever then you have to wait 14 days.

  • Is there a corona test of a blood donor?

No. Studies so far have not confirmed that the infection is spread through blood.

  • Blood group increases the risk of corona infection?

Corona is not related to any blood group. This does not make the risk more or less.

  • Is there a wait in every country to donate blood after the vaccine?

No. In the US, you can donate blood immediately after vaccination, provided the vaccine made from live virus technology has not been applied. All three vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson) in the US are not live virus vaccines. Therefore, if there is no side effect, you can donate blood immediately. If there are side effects, you can donate two days after it ends.

  • Why so much difference in India?

Union Director General of Health Prof. According to Sunil Kumar, America’s method cannot be adopted here. In view of the side effects and safety standards of the vaccine, a gap of 14 days has been kept in the country.

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