What is the meaning of Podcast? Podcast Definition and Meaning


what is the meaning of podcast, Meaning of Podcast according to Wikipedia
Meaning of Podcast according to Wikipedia

Podcasting has actually come a long way in the last few years. It wasn’t that long ago that I needed to discuss what podcasting means when I talked about my program( s). Nowadays the typical person contends the very least heard of podcasting and recognizes the principle. As well as practically 40% of people pay attention to podcasts every month! But there is still a great deal of confusion as well as mistaken beliefs regarding the significance of podcasting.

Meaning of Podcast according to Wikipedia:

A podcast is a digital medium consisting of an anecdotal series of sound, video clips, PDF, or ePub files signed up for and also downloaded with web syndication or streamed online to a computer or smartphone is known as Podcast. The word is a neologism and portmanteau stemmed from “program” as well as “shell” from the success of the iPod, as audio podcasts are frequently listened to on portable media players.


Words podcast is derived from a combination of 2 words. iPod and also Program. When the term was coined many people were making use of Apples’ iPod to listen to podcasts. So when Ben Hammersley suggested the word podcasting to describe the new approach of delivering web content the term stuck.


A number of individuals have attempted to transform the name from podcasting to something else i.e. now people are searching for the meaning of podcast. The disagreement is that the term podcast indicates that you need to have an iPod in order to pay attention to podcasts which of course is not real. Any kind of gadget that can be playing an MP3 document can play an audio podcast. Leo Laporte from Today in Technology (TWIT) was an advocate of altering the name.

He calls himself a podcaster yet describes all the shows on his network as netcasts. He likes the word netcast and thinks it is a much more descriptive term for the technology. Every number of years someone resurfaces the suggestion of altering the name for the real meaning of podcast, however, it resembles the term is below to stay. In 2005, podcasting was stated the Word of the Year by the New Oxford American Thesaurus. This offered the term some trustworthiness and cemented the term as the official word for online syndicated anecdotal media.


Podcasting was designed in 2004 by Adam Curry and also Dave Winer. Among the initial podcasts was The Daily Source Code by Adam Curry. A fast google search will disclose that there are different versions of podcasting history. Also, Wikipedia’s short article on the history of podcasting lessens the importance of the RSS Feed in podcasting.

Todd Cochrane from RAW Voice/Blubrry has a wonderful article on the history of podcasting and also if you want this topic it is an accurate account (IMHO) of the genuine background of podcasting.


The debate is that an audio gamer on the web is a podcast (also without the RSS Feed). Sound Blog writing was most definitely around prior to podcasting however is audio on a webpage a podcast. By the original meaning of podcast, it is not.

However, I’ve additionally discovered in places like dictionary.com the RSS Feed has actually been gotten rid of from their interpretation. So in order to change the background of podcasting, you have to alter the interpretation of the word podcasting. And that does seem occurring.


Defining the meaning of podcast to a person that has actually never been exposed to podcasting can be challenging. You can claim that it resembles a blog yet as opposed to subscribing to the blog posts you subscribe and obtain a media file. If they don’t understand what an RSS Feed is then it can be particularly tough. A great deal of podcasters makes use of the term Net Radio Program when describing podcasting to newbies because everyone recognizes what a radio program is.

As well as combining the concept of a radio program with the internet is easy to understand. Yet there is even more to podcasting than “web radio”. There are web radio shows that are NOT podcasts. You can pay attention to streaming material on the net that is not syndicated over the internet by means of an RSS Feed.

What are the VARIOUS TYPES OF PODCASTS with their meaning of Podcast?

Audio Podcasts

Lots of people connect podcasts with audio even though a podcast doesn’t need to be audio. Audio is the most popular kind of podcasting for 3 reasons. It is much easier to generate sound due to the fact that you don’t require cams, lights, and also video clip modifying software in addition to sound skills and tools. Sound is an extra mobile which makes it simpler to consume. Also, the organizing costs of video are expensive for enthusiast podcasters.

Video Podcasts

Video podcasts are coming to be extra popular. Many podcast networks like TWIT generate audio and video variations of their programs at the same time. Web TV shows are sometimes distributed as video clip podcasts.

Enhanced Podcasts

Enhanced Podcasts are podcasts that have chapter marks and can present photos, art work, as well as hyperlinks together with the sound as well as, are playable only on iOS devices. They make a podcast appear even more like a presentation. Garage Band eliminated support for creating improved podcasts in its recent upgrade.

Podcast Novels

A podcast story is likewise described as a serial audiobook or podcast audiobook. It integrates an audiobook with a podcast as well as the book is distributed in episodes using RSS Feed.

PDF/ ePub Podcasts

Technically, any type of media data that is dispersed using RSS Feed is a podcast. You can release a podcast that disperses PDFs or ePub papers if that pleases your fancy. Although there are PDF and ePub podcasts, I’ve never ever made use of podcasting this way and do not have any experience with it.


The RSS Feed enables your media material to be time-shifted. Similar to a PVR/DVR permits you to videotape web content from your TV and view it whenever you desire, podcasts permit you to fit your consumption into your very own schedule. You can sign up for shows and pay attention, see or review it at your comfort. You do not need to be present when it is taped online or when it is released like you perform with Radio or live tv programs.

There are many different ways to eat a podcast. You can press the play switch on a site and also listen from your desktop computer, Tablet or Mobile phone. You can make use of an app like the iOS podcast app or Pocket Casts to download the podcast and also listen to it later. These applications additionally permit you to stream the podcast which downloads the file while you listen to it. Some individuals still consume podcasts the old school method which includes downloading the data via iTunes or Zune and after that syncing the programs with their iPod, iPhone, iPad or MP3 Player.

So for the podcast, consumer podcasting supplies them something they have actually never had before. A practical means to get the niche web content they want. Because podcasts are generated by people that are speaking about their real passions, there is content for nearly every specific niche. A few of these topics are as well slim to attract radio stations since they require to draw in a broad audience in order to market marketing.

For material developers (and marketing experts) podcasting is an exceptionally powerful tool. You can produce very details particular niche shows and also bring in clients that are more than likely to consume your web content as well as get your products/services.


There are 10s of countless podcasts (collection not simply episodes) available in iTunes and also other directory sites. You have a lot of options when it involves podcast content in nearly every specific niche. Yet is the quality of the material expert?

There are a lot of enthusiast podcasters that are podcasting just for enjoyable as well as who do not take the production worths of their show too seriously. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Actually, it becomes part of what makes podcasting terrific. Therefore, a great deal of podcasts are far below program top quality – the top quality individuals are used to listening to when they listen to the radio.

Why is the top quality of the typical podcast so inadequate?

A great deal of podcasts has an inadequate audio quality which can be triggered by a variety of variables:

  • Recording with the integrated microphone on their computer systems.
  • Recording in settings not appropriate for top-quality recording.
  • Not doing post-production, audio handling, or editing and enhancing.
  • Making use of platforms like Blog site Talk Radio which inscribes your audio in less than AM top quality.
  • Tools established that causes hums or hissing sounds.
  • Poor microphone techniques (standing out and sibilance).
  • and also many other possible reasons.
  • As well as some podcasts might have poor content.
  • lack of enthusiasm by the podcaster
  • no structure or organization
  • no show keeps in mind or study (winging it).
  • poor meeting techniques.
  • unprofessional behavior or conduct.
  • specific language or material (without the appropriate explicit tag).
  • lack of focus on the subject.


We understand the meaning of podcasts now. However, what is the definition of a podcaster? A podcaster is one that podcasts. Someone that organizes and produces podcasts. This is just how I define podcaster anyway.

Is any person that participates in the manufacturing of a podcast a podcaster?

Is a podcast editor a podcaster if they do not host a show? What concerning a podcast producer or promoter? There are numerous things that podcasters do when developing their shows that are not ‘on the mic’. Or if you only turn up and also tape-record the program and somebody else handles the scheduling, modifying, handling, publishing, promoting, what is the meaning of podcast? and also monetizing are you a podcaster?


As well as the following question is what is the meaning of podcasting? Podcasting is the art of presenting, producing, promoting as well as making money from a podcast.


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