The struggle of UAE’s first female doctor: ‘Mama Zulekha’, founder of UAE’s largest health group, studied in Nagpur, did 10,000 deliveries

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  • The Founder Of UAE’s Largest Health Group ‘Mama Zulekha’ Studied In Nagpur, Did 10 Thousand Deliveries

8 minutes agoAuthor: Shaneer N Siddiqui

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Dr. Zulekha Dawood is the founder of UAE’s largest health group.

83 years old Dr. Zulekha Dawood from Nagpur, Maharashtra is the first woman doctor of United Arab Emirates (UAE). His struggle has set an example. People call him ‘Mama Zulekha’. In Arabic, ‘Mama’ is used for the respected mother. Mama has delivered more than 10 thousand children. Among them are some princes of the royal family. Presenting the story of Mama Zulekha’s struggle in her own words…

There was no team, no equipment, I myself trained for nursing: Mama
After doing MBBS from Nagpur, joined American Mission Hospital and came to Kuwait. Was asked to move to Sharjah-Dubai in 1963. I had not heard of this place then. When I came here, I felt in the middle of a desert. Then there were no female doctors in Sharjah, Emirate. There were some British doctors in Dubai, so I used to travel this long way to Sharjah. The number of patients here was increasing rapidly.

I didn’t have a team. Therefore, training of nursing was given to one or two people. The biggest problem was that we did not have the necessary equipment, nor medicines. With the passage of time the need to start a hospital was felt. The first clinic started in 1970. Then she used to see 50-60 patients in a day. Opened the first private ‘Zulekha Hospital’ in Sharjah in 1992. Today, we are treating 5.5 lakh people annually through three state-of-the-art hospitals.

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