Who is a liar: Imran said – talks with Taliban Pakistan continue in Kabul; Home Minister Rashid said – I do not know about it

Hindi News International Pakistan Taliban Crisis | Imran Khan Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Says Talks With Tehreek i Taliban Pakistan TTP Not In My Knowledge IslamabadOne hour ago copy link Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had said recently that talks with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are going on in Kabul. On the other hand, Sheikh Rasheed, … Read more

Terrorists out on sacrilege: Taliban squad enters Kabul’s gurdwara, misbehaves with Sikhs; break cctv cameras

Hindi News International Afghanistan Taliban Crisis | Taliban Officials Entered Gurudwara Karte Parwan In Kabul; CCTV Cameras Broken Kabul34 minutes ago The Taliban, who occupied Afghanistan about two months ago, are now targeting shrines of other religions as well. On Tuesday, a group of Talibanis entered the holy Karte Parwan Gurdwara in Kabul. Questioned and … Read more

Taliban decree: Degrees acquired within 20 years not recognized; Minister said – students of madrasas are better than PhD

Hindi News International Afghanistan Taliban Crisis; Abdul Baqi Haqqani Says School Graduates Of Past 20 Years Of No Use Kabul30 minutes ago copy link Taliban during the last 20 years The Taliban government of Afghanistan issued a new decree on education. According to this, the degrees of students who have done post graduation or graduation … Read more

Challenge to Taliban: Former Afghan Vice President Saleh forms government-in-exile, declares himself caretaker president

Hindi News International Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh | Amrullah Saleh Announces New Government Of Afghanistan In Exile Against Taliban Kabul / Zurich2 hours ago copy link After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, now its former Vice President Amrullah Saleh has formed a government-in-exile. Saleh has said that he will be the acting president of this government-in-exile, … Read more

The danger is not averted: America said – Taliban cannot break ties with Al Qaeda, this will increase the threat to the world

WashingtonOne hour ago copy link The Taliban and Al Qaeda are reuniting in Afghanistan. (file) Even after the withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan, America is keeping a close watch on the situation there. According to Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley, after the withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan, the Taliban and … Read more

Killings will continue in Afghanistan: Taliban said – punishment like slitting throat and hand is necessary, this increases fear among people

Kabul32 minutes ago Under the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, this time also the series of cruel punishments like cutting off people’s hands will continue. This has been said by none other than Mullah Nuruddin Turabi, the founder member of the Taliban himself. Turabi said in an interview to the news agency AP that the era … Read more

Poverty in Afghanistan: People on the verge of starvation in Kabul, forced to sell goods worth 1 lakh for 25 thousand to raise food

Hindi News International Taliban Govt In Afghanistan| Poverty In Kabul| People Selling Household Items For Cheap Price Kabul41 min ago copy link After the capture of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the life of its citizens has become difficult. Due to paucity of money, people are not able to collect even two meals a day. People … Read more

How girls will study under Talibani rule: Schools open for boys in Afghanistan from today, no discussion about when they will open for girls

Kabul8 hours ago The education ministry of the Taliban government has ordered all secondary schools in Afghanistan to open from Saturday. However, at present the schools have been opened only for boys. There is no mention in the order as to when the girls’ schools will open. However, only last month, the Taliban promised that … Read more

Kabul attack was a terrible mistake of America: 10 Afghans including 7 children were killed in a drone attack on suspicion of terrorists, US Army apologizes

Hindi News International US Terms Aug 29 Drone Strike In Afghanistan A Tragic Mistake That Killed 10 Civilians, Including Seven Children Washington2 hours ago The US has apologized for the August 29 drone attack in the Afghan capital, Kabul, considering it a grave mistake. The US has also said for the first time that 10 … Read more

Javed Akhtar’s reply to critics: ‘Hindu population is the most gentle and tolerant majority society in the whole world, India can never become Afghanistan…’

Hindi News National Javed Akhtar | Contorversy | Reply By Javed Akhtar | Hindu Population Is The Most Gentle And Tolerant Majority Society In The Whole World And India Can Never Become Afghanistan News And Updates Mumbai2 hours ago copy link When I interviewed NDTV on 3rd September 2021, I had no idea that my … Read more