Myanmar’s military leader becomes PM: General Min Aung Hling said – emergency will end in 2023, general elections will be held

yangon3 hours ago copy link General Min Aung Huling presided over the State Administrative Council (SAC), which was formed just after the coup. Myanmar’s military leader, General Min Aung Hling, has declared himself the country’s prime minister. He said that in 2023 the emergency would be abolished and general elections would be held. I am … Read more

UN Human Rights Commission warning: threat of civil war in Myanmar, people took up arms in many areas fed up with military violence

Hindi News International UN Human Rights High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet Myanmar Might Descend Into Civil War After Military Coup 2 hours ago copy link Attacks on civilians and violence against civilians have increased after a military coup in Myanmar. The general public’s anger against this is increasing. The army is committing atrocities on the people, … Read more

4 accidents like Philippines in 2 years: Military plane crashes in Myanmar, Russia and Ukraine killed 41; The accident happened while rescuing tribals in Sudan

Hindi News International Philippines Plane Crash Recent Military Aircraft Accidents In World Russia Myanmar Sudan Ukraine manila30 minutes ago copy link A major plane crash happened in the Philippines on Sunday. An Air Force C-130 aircraft carrying military forces crashed here, killing 29 people. 17 are still missing. There were 85 people on board the … Read more