Shutdown after 16 years: The company will shut down the Yahoo answer service forever, issuing a note stating the reason for shutting it down.


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The web Q&A platform Yahoo Answer is being closed forever. It was being operated since 2005. Yahoo, now part of Verizon Media Group, has announced changes to Yahoo Answers’ homepage.

According to a report by The Verge, Yahoo Answers links to the FAQ page, its timeline details are now closing. After April 20, the new submission will not be accepted on this platform.

Cited the reason for the closure after 16 years
A note sent to Yahoo Answer Members provides information about why it is being closed. The company wrote in the note that we launched Yahoo Answers 16 years ago to help people around the world connect and share information. With you and millions of other users, we have created the best place on the web to ask and answer questions on various topics and create a community to share global knowledge. However, we could not accomplish many things together. In such a situation, we have decided to discontinue Yahoo Answer on May 4, 2021.

New question will not be posted from April 20
Users have also been asked to collect their data before June 30, after which it will not work. The report says that after April 20, users will not be able to post any new questions or answers.

Users can download a copy of the question and answer
If you want to download a copy of your questions and answers, you can download and sign in on the dashboard. This work can be done by June 30, 2021. After which your Yahoo Answer data will be safely deleted. Then no data will be available on it. The closure of Yahoo Answer will not affect the Yahoo account or other Yahoo services.

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