Shocking study on corona: Virus can spread through tears of infected patient, eye doctors advised to be more careful

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  • Virus Can Also Spread Through Tears Of Infected Patient, Eye Doctors Advised To Be More Careful

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There is also a risk of spreading the virus infection through the tears of a corona infected person. In such a situation, eye doctors have been advised to be more careful. Government Medical College, Amritsar has claimed this in a research. For this study, tear samples were taken within 48 hours from the receipt of the patient’s RT-PCR report.

According to research, tears from patients with ocular manifestation or without it can be a possible cause of corona infection. Ocular manifestation is a symptom that affects the eye due to some disease in the body.

Study done on 120 patients
The Government Medical College, Amritsar has done this study on 120 patients of Corona. It was revealed in the report that the virus reached another part of the body through tears in 60 patients. Whereas this did not happen in 60 patients. There was conjunctival hyperemia in 41 patients, follicular reactions in 38, chemosis in 35, mucoid discharge in 20 patients, and difficulty with etching.

Conjunctival secretion will remove the infection
At the same time, about 37% of patients with ocular manifestation had partial symptoms of corona virus. The remaining 63% showed severe symptoms of infection. According to the report, about 17.5% of the patients whose tears were tested for RT-PCR also turned out to be corona positive. 11 patients (9.16%) had ocular manifestations and 10 (8.33%) had no such complaints. The report states that infected patients can clear the infection in conjunctival secretions.

Medical staff and doctors be alert
This research has been done by Dr. Prempal Kaur, Dr. Gaurang Sehgal, Dr. Shailpreet, KD Singh and Bhavkaran Singh. According to the study report, the tears of corona-infected patients can be a source of infection for the medical staff engaged in their care.

In such a situation, it has been advised to be more careful for the medical staff and eye doctors. They have been asked to take precautions, especially while examining the eyes, nose and mouth.

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