Shocking effect of Corona on America: The average age of Americans has decreased by about 2 years in the last two years, such a decline after 82 years

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  • The Pandemic Led To Biggest Drop In US Life Expectancy Since World War Second Study Findings

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Shocking revelations have been made in a research published in the British Medical Journal. The average age of Americans has dropped by nearly two years between 2018 and 2020. It has been told in research that the biggest reason for the decrease in age is the corona epidemic. Apart from this, it has also been said that this decline has been seen more in blacks and Latin Americans than white Americans.

According to the report, the average age of Americans in 2018 was 78.7, or about 79 years. In 2020, it came down to 76.9 years. The author of this study is Steven Woolf of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. This study is based on data from the National Center for Health Statistics. Woolf said that after World War II, that is, after 82 years, the average age of Americans has seen such a big decline.

4 main reasons for the decline in the average age of Americans
1. There have been more than 6 lakh deaths due to corona in America, its effect was on the average age.
2. Disintegration of health care facilities and management of chronic illness.
3. Crisis of healthcare facilities where people are going through disorder and depression. It is possible that they did not get the help that they should have.
4. Factors such as lack of access to facilities and disruptions during the pandemic affected some Americans more than others.

More impact on blacks and Latin Americans
According to the study, the death rate of black Americans was twice as high as that of white Americans. The average age of African Americans declined by about 3.3 years, while that of Latin Americans declined by 3.9 years. The average age has declined in other countries as well. Austria, Finland, France, Israel, the Netherlands and the UK also recorded a decline, but it was .22 years, while in the US it is about 2 years.

Sharp statement on American racism after study

  • Steven Woolf said that this is a huge figure. Leslie Kurtis, head of the Department of Population Health Science at Duke University School of Medicine, says that after looking at these things, it is impossible not to see the systemic racism going on in America.
  • Dr. Richard Besser, President of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, said that this study has also broken the myth that America is the world’s healthiest place to live. The vast difference in mean age has been visible even before the Covid pandemic. For example, the average age of people in Princeton, a majority of the White community, is 14 years older than those of the Black and Latin American majority Trenton.
  • Megali Barbieri of the University of California said that the average age of Americans has been falling steadily and has declined significantly during the pandemic. In this case, America is losing its ground compared to other rich countries.

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