Presidential election in Iran today: In 4 candidate races, 60-year-old radical Ibrahim Raisi, who lost last time, is at the fore; Supporters of continuing the atomic program

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Presidential elections are going to be held in Iran today. A total of four candidates are in the fray. Among them, 60-year-old religious leader and Chief Justice Ibrahim Raisi is considered to be a heavyweight. The term of the new president will begin in August. According to media reports, Raisi’s victory is almost certain. If this happens, Iran’s conflict with the US and the West will increase, as Raisi is a supporter of continuing the nuclear program. On the other hand, if Raisi wins, the Iran-China close will increase. However, there is not much enthusiasm in Iran about the presidential election. One reason for this is also Kovid-19. Recently Iran has also claimed to have made its ‘Coviran’ vaccine.

Why not in the spiritual ground this time?
According to the constitution of Iran, a person cannot hold the presidency more than twice. Hassan Rouhani has completed his 8-year term in two terms. Therefore, he cannot contest the presidential election.

How many candidates this time?
A total of 4 candidates are in the fray. However, the Guardian Council had shortlisted the names of 7 candidates. 3 candidates withdrew. This is interesting too. Mohsin Meher Alizad, who belongs to the moderate faction, withdrew on June 16, two days before the election. Anyway, his hope of winning was negligible. Another candidate Alireza Jakani has also withdrawn. Apart from these, Saeed Jalili has also withdrawn his name.

Jakani is also a fanatic and it is believed that he withdrew his name so that there is no problem in the way of Ibrahim Raisi’s victory. It is also being said that Jakani was pressurized to withdraw his name. Similarly, Jalili are also considered fundamentalists. He has been a part of the nuclear deal between Iran and America in 2015. In order to strengthen the rich, Jalili has also retreated at the last moment.

Here are the four candidates

  • Ibrahim Raisi: Chief Justice is also
  • Mohsin Rezai: Former Commander-in-Chief of the Army
  • Abdulnasr: Former Chief of Central Bank
  • Aamir Hussain Hashmi: deputy speaker of parliament

election or formality
It is believed that whatever the voting percentage may be, Ibrahim Raisi’s victory is certain. There are three main reasons for this. First, he has the support of a fundamentalist faction, the Guardian Council, and the supreme religious leader. Second- Talk about never bowing down to America and Western countries. Third- Talk about bringing a self-reliant program for Iran’s economy. One reason is that an atmosphere has been created against the liberal and reformist candidates. The hardliners who were challenging Raisi also withdrew. Raisi had lost to Hassan Rouhani in the 2017 election. The Army (Revolutionary Guards) is also with them.

What are the major issues?

  • Economy : In 2015, a deal was signed with the US on the nuclear program during the Obama era. Trump canceled it in 2018. Iran’s economy collapsed.
  • Unemployment : In a recent report, it was claimed that 24% of the youth in the country are unemployed. Due to restrictions, they are not able to go to other countries.
  • Democracy : There is no real democracy in Iran. The President also obeys the Guardian Council. Most of the matters are decided by the supreme religious leader.
  • Corona: More than 3 crore cases registered, death of about 83 thousand infected. Vaccine made in the country is ready, but people are not much ready for vaccination.
  • Diplomacy: Not good relations with any neighboring country. This is the reason why Iran was isolated in the world.
  • Terrorism: Accused of aiding the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas. That is why always on target of Israel and America.

Relations with India and the US-China connection

  • Historically, relations between India and Iran have been good. Till 2017, India used to import a lot of trade and oil from Iran. When Trump imposed very strict sanctions on Iran, it affected the relationship between the two countries. India started the Chabahar port and rail line project here in 2003. The sanctions imposed on Iran had a great impact on it and the work slowed down. The rail line project is now in cold storage, but the port is the responsibility of India.
  • Iran is not liking India-US friendship. China took advantage of this and made an economic deal with Iran for 25 years worth $ 400 billion. This is definitely a setback for India, but it has to take decisions keeping in mind Saudi Arabia, UAE (also the rest of the Gulf countries), America, Europe. Iran is alone.
  • Iran has always had a radical government. He was isolated because of the atomic program. If Biden does a nuclear deal with Iran again, then it is possible that the warm relations between India and Iran can be restored. It is believed that America can do a nuclear deal again to stop China.

Iran’s regime

  • Parliament : There are 290 members, also called Majlis.
  • Judiciary : The Supreme Court can say, there are 6 members.
  • Guardian Council: The most powerful, there are 12 members.
  • President : Acts on the advice of the Council.
  • Assembly of Experts: There are 88 members, elections in 8 years.
  • Special Committee: There are 39 members, who settle disputes.
  • Supreme Leader: Even more powerful than the President, there is a supreme religious teacher.

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