New way of studying: Small children leave, so schools are giving training to their mothers, how to teach at home with potatoes and onions

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  • Vacation Of Young Children, So Schools Are Giving Training To Their Mothers, How To Teach At Home With Potatoes And Onions

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Raipur16 hours ago

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A teacher giving training to the children of their mothers.

The children of the first-second got discharged in a way, because neither they are going to school nor will they be called to take the exam. They will definitely go one class ahead, but the loss of studies will be done.

To minimize this loss, Dhaneli government school in the capital has found a unique way. School teachers have been calling these children’s mummies for a while. They are being given training on how to teach math and language to these children through household chores like potato-onion, vegetables, household items and even sand piles.

The school has started this unique scheme in the name of education in Angana. Taskeen Khan, a teacher who trends in mummies, told that mothers of children between 5 and 6 years old are being called from first to second to Anganwadi. Telling them how to give children information about size from the items kept in the house. How to remember colors and names through vegetables. How to teach writing in sand, how to tell how to make a car with a match box, this training is being given to the mothers. Even if the mothers of the children are not educated, they have started learning it easily and teaching their children.

40 and the teacher learned the way
So far 27 mothers have taken training in this school. The special thing is that 40 teachers from Raipur, Balodabazar, Mahasamund and Dhamtari have also returned to their schools after learning this. Former students of Dhaneli School have also joined it.



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