Modi-Biden bonding in White House: US President offered Modi a seat and said – once it was my chair, now you sit

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who visited America, met US President Joe Biden on Friday night. In this, along with the discussion on bilateral relations, Biden and Modi’s great bonding was seen and there was laughter too. As soon as Modi entered the White House, Biden warmly welcomed him, Modi greeted him with folded hands and then the story of the chair broke out.

Biden greeted Modi with outstretched arms and thanked him for coming to America.

Holding Modi’s hand, Biden took him inside and also narrated the story of the chair on which he sat. Biden jokingly told Modi that this is my chair when I was the Vice President, now you sit on it. Actually Joe Biden was the Vice President of America during the time of Barack Obama.

Biden also recalled his 2006 statement in which he had said that by 2020 India-US would be the closest countries in the world. Along with this, he also remembered his visit to Mumbai while being the Vice President. Biden jokingly said that he has relatives in Mumbai. Then immediately clarified the situation and told that he had received a letter from a person from Mumbai, whose name was Biden.

The Modi-Biden meeting lasted about 20 minutes between moments of laughter.

Modi said- India-US relations will be strengthened by the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the meeting with Biden as excellent. He said- Mahatma Gandhi always used to say that we are the trustees of this planet. This spirit will strengthen the relationship between India and America. Trade between India and America has its own importance. In this decade we can help each other in the field of business. Modi said that India needs many such things, which America has. There are many things with India, which can be useful for America.

During the meeting with Biden, Modi said that a transformation is coming in the relations between India and America. We are dedicated to democratic traditions and values.

thePakistan’s eyes were fixed on Modi-Biden meeting
This was the first meeting of Modi and Biden, on which the eyes of not only India but the whole world were fixed. Especially Pakistan wanted to see how Modi is welcomed in the White House, because Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has not been called even once by Biden after being elected President. Now from the meeting of Biden and Modi, Pakistan must have understood how the future of US-India relations is going to be.

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