Looking for life in the tunnel of death: success in drilling the tunnel, but the camera could not go; Debris on Rishiganga created a new challenge due to debris


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Dehradun7 minutes ago

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Hopes of a rescue team searching for 39 workers trapped in the NTPC tunnel in Tapovan, Chamoli, have been raised. Drilling has been successful in the underground tunnel with the tunnel in which the workers are trapped. The drilling was stopped on Thursday due to the rockfall. However, the camera has not yet been added to it. On the other hand, a new threat has arisen for the rescue workers. Debris on the Rishiganga River has led to a lake-like formation and water can overflow from it at any time.

In some reports, ITBP spokesman Vivek Pandey was quoted as saying that drilling in the tunnel along the main tunnel of two and a half kilometers long has been completed. These drilling are 75 mm wide and about 12 meters long. Through this, debris and mud have come out of the main tunnel. According to Vivek Pandey, the good thing is that now the pressure of debris and mud is not coming in this tunnel. The bad thing is that due to technical problems, the camera has not been able to go into it. Now the attempt is to make this hole 250 to 300 mm wide.

Try again drilling succeeded
On Thursday, this work was stopped after rising water of Dhauliganga. ITBP, NDRF and Army teams were again engaged in the task of clearing debris from the main tunnel. On Friday, drilling work started again with the new tunnel along the main tunnel. Reports quoting Uttarakhand DGP Ashok Kumar said that the re-drilling attempt has been successful. Hopefully, the trapped workers can be reached with this support.

Continuous leakage from lake in Rishiganga near Raini
After this, 250 meters long and 150 meters wide lake is found near Raini village. This place is about 3 km up the mountain from Peng village. Assistant Professor of Geological Department of Garhwal Central University, Dr. A team of 8 members, led by Naresh Rana, visited the lake during the inspection. According to the team, the lake is formed at the mouth of the Rishiganga. This is due to the collection of debris at the time of disaster.
The water of the sageganga has stagnated due to the lake. According to scientists, small amounts of water are seeping into the lake. These leaks do not cause major catastrophe, so the lake will have to be punctured soon, because the water in the lake is full and it may overflow. Since February 11, there is a light leakage from here. If this happens in large quantities, relief and rescue operations can suffer a major setback. Due to the increasing pressure of continuous water, the lake may be broken and flood-like conditions may arise in the lowlands.

2 more bodies recovered, now searching 168
District Magistrate of Chamoli, Swati Bhadoria said that 36 bodies have been recovered from the area so far. Two people have met alive. Search is on for 168 people now. Of these, 39 workers are feared trapped inside the tunnel. NDRF Commandant PK Tiwari said that bodies were being searched continuously in the riverbank area.



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