Ladybug collection craze: Nadia of Ukraine holds the Guinness record for having the most ladybug themed items


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On 21st November 2019, Nadia holds the Guinness record with 5555 ladybug theme items.  - Dainik Bhaskar

On 21st November 2019, Nadia holds the Guinness record with 5555 ladybug theme items.

  • Record was made in the year 2019 with 5555 things
  • Now will break her own old record with more than 20 thousand items

Outside Ukraine’s Nadia Kamarova’s home in Dnipara, her name plate reads instead of her name, Ladybug Lives Hair. As soon as someone visits Nadia’s house, he sees ladybug themed things everywhere. Nadia holds the Guinness record for collecting the most ladybug themed items. On 21 November 2019, he holds the Guinness Record with 5555 ladybug theme items.

From pictures to clothes, utensils, vacuum cleaners and even cat houses inspired by ladybug themes

Now her collection is more than 20 thousand items and there is no doubt that this time also she will break her previous record. Nadia tells that when she was about to be born, her father gifted her mother a picture of a red dress with ladybug dots. That picture remained in her room throughout the pregnancy.

A few years after Nadia’s birth, a friend of hers gifted her a ladybug brooch on her birthday. Just these two gifts inspired him to make a collection. Every corner of Nadia’s house, every cupboard, every chair and table is just the ladybug’s print and design.

Her collection includes photographs, clothes, sheets, soft toys, dolls, kitchen utensils, kettles, glass jars, salt pourer boxes, vacuum cleaners and even her cat’s house with ladybug themes. There are paintings of ladybugs on the walls of the house and magnets of the same theme are installed on the fridge too.

He has also made the cover of his phone with this print. She says, whenever I talk on the phone, children come to see it with great interest. Although all the things included in my collection are special but the one which is very close to my heart is a silver coin. This coin of Republic of Congo has a ladybug and a leaf engraved on it. It always stays in my handbag and is my lucky charm.

The most expensive things in my collection are my jewelery and coins. Out of this there are many such things that my friends have gifted me. I know people are interested to see my collection but I don’t want people to come to see it. People tell me that it is a stupid thing to keep such a wonderful collection away from people but my dream is to keep it in an exhibition or a museum. I hope that day will come soon.

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