Killings will continue in Afghanistan: Taliban said – punishment like slitting throat and hand is necessary, this increases fear among people

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Under the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, this time also the series of cruel punishments like cutting off people’s hands will continue. This has been said by none other than Mullah Nuruddin Turabi, the founder member of the Taliban himself. Turabi said in an interview to the news agency AP that the era of murder and mutilation of wrongdoers will return soon, but this time it may not be public.

Turabi says that cutting hands is very important for safety, because such punishments increase fear among people. The Taliban cabinet is considering whether such punishments should be given publicly or not and its policy will be made soon.

Nooruddin Turabi (60) was the law minister in the previous Taliban regime.

Nooruddin Turabi (60) was the law minister in the previous Taliban regime.

Will follow Islam, will make laws on the basis of Quran
Turabi has argued that our method of punishing publicly in the stadium is wronged by all, but we have never questioned the law and the way of punishing anyone. So no one should talk about our laws, we will follow Islam and make our laws based on Quran.

The world has not forgotten the brutality of the previous Taliban regime in Afghanistan. In the 90s, when Afghanistan was a Taliban rule, people were publicly punished in the stadium and the grounds of the Idgah mosque from Kabul. Hundreds of people also gathered to see this. Although this time the Taliban had claimed that its methods would not be the same as before, but after Turabi’s statement everything has become clear.

Many terrorists involved in Taliban government
Turabi’s statement has come at a time when the Taliban is seeking help from the world and is also requesting to address the United Nations. Let us tell you that the Talibani government has not been recognized by the major countries of the world including India and America. Members of the terrorist organization Haqqani Network have also been included in the Taliban government. There are many of these who are included in the banned list of America and the United Nations.

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