Is It Really Love? (RIANSH) Episode 58

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The episode starts as……

At 10:00am in VR mansion,

Is It Really Love?? (RIANSH) Episode 58
Is It Really Love? (RIANSH) Episode 58

Vansh and Riddhima had changed their clothes and wore their nightwear and sat on bed.

Vansh: I am thinking of throwing a reception for Angre and Sia.

Riddhima: Good idea! But when?

Vansh: Ofcourse tomorrow! I’ll go and inform everyone and come.

Riddhima: Don’t go in Angre and Sia’s room.

Vansh: Why?

Riddhima: It’s their first night! Let them celebrate!

Vansh: Ohh ya! I can’t disturb them on their first wedding night, even when Ishani, Kabir, Sejal and Aryan came and disturbed us.

Riddhima: Don’t ask that! They didn’t even spare us on our first night!

Vansh: Looks like you are too interested to go down the memory lane and recall the first night.

Riddhima: *blushes*

Vansh: Wait! Why do you want to recall? I am right in front of you (pointing towards himself) we can celebrate now also (Coming closer to Riddhima)

Riddhima(pushing him away): Don’t you have to inform them about reception?

Vansh: How long will you be away? I’ll come back soon and we’ll continue this talk *winks*

Vansh leaves the room leaving Riddhima blushing.

Vansh is on his way as he recalls about how he reached his room on his wedding night.


Three months back,

In VR mansion at 11:00pm,

All the post wedding rituals were done and Uma had taken Riddhima to Vansh’s room while Vansh was kept down with Rudra for a small talk and later he was asked to go to his room. He climbed up the stairs to walk to his room. He saw Ishani and Sejal outside his room. He walked closer to them. Vansh was about to enter inside the room but Sejal and Ishani stopped him.

Vansh: What? Let me go!

Ishani: We won’t!

Vansh: Why?

Sejal: We want a gift!

Vansh: Arrey, it’s my wedding. I should get gifts, why to give y’all?

Ishani: If you don’t give us anything then we won’t let you enter inside your room.

Vansh: It’s my room, I can go whenever I want!

Sejal: We know how desperate you are to see your wife but we won’t allow you to go!

Vansh saw Uma crossing by at a distance. He called her.

Vansh(loudly): MOM!

Uma heard his voice and walked to him.

Uma: What happened Vansh?

Vansh(complaining like a kid): Mom, they aren’t letting me enter inside my room, they are asking for a gift.

Uma(smiles looking at Sejal and Ishani): I thought that y’all wouldn’t know about this ritual but y’all know these kind of rituals really well.

Ishani: Thanks Mom!

Vansh(surprised): Mom?

Uma: Yes Vansh! This is the ritual if you don’t give them a gift, they won’t move.

Vansh: I don’t have anything!

Sejal: It’s impossible for the Vansh Raisinghania to not have anything. Just say that you don’t want to give.

Vansh: Okay! I’ll get something.

Vansh calls Angre to get ***********. Angre comes back and hands it over to Vansh. Vansh comes back near his room and finds those guards standing there. He walks to them and hands it to them.

Ishani: Bhai, What is there inside?

Sejal: Exactly! It’s so nicely packed that I don’t feel like opening it.

Vansh: That’s on you! But now can I go?

Uma: You may go! And Ishani and Sejal y’all can go and check the gift.

Uma goes to her room and Ishani and Sia smilingly leave for Ishani’s room. Vansh opened his room’s door. He saw his bride sitting on bed covering her face with the veil. He locked the door and walked closer to her and sat ahead of her. He gently lifted the veil up and saw his bride blushing.

Vansh: You are looking like a red apple while blushing.

Riddhima: *blushes more*

Vansh(looking at her attire): Riddhima, you look the world’s most beautiful bride! There’s no one prettier than you in my world. Everytime I look at you, my love for you increases and it makes it more difficult to be away from you for me.

Vansh(noticing her eyes): Your eyes, every time they look at me, I freeze. I just don’t wish to look around rather than at you. Your eyes mean the world to me, the world in which I can live happily. Your eyes show every emotion so perfectly that I can’t resist but notice. They carry so much innocence in themselves that anyone could fall for them and now Vansh Raisinghania has completely fallen for it.

Vansh gently kisses her eyelids.

Vansh(noticing her ears): Your ears, Even they have magic inside them. They contribute so much to hear my name. After, ‘Vansh Raisinghania’ isn’t a short one but still. I just want these ears to hear my name and no one else’s.

Vansh gently removes Riddhima’s earrings and kisses her earlobes.

Vansh(noticing her cheeks): Your cheeks, Uffff…… Can’t say anything! They are so red just like tomatoes that someday I’ll bite them. (Winks at her as she blushes more) And when they hear my name, they become redder which is worth watching and I can’t resist but keep looking at them.

Vansh gently kisses her cheeks.

Vansh(noticing her lips): Your lips, They are like strawberries. Though, I never tasted them but still their colour is like one. And whenever they say my name, “Vansh”, I can’t resist but keep eyeing them. My name sounds so beautiful from your lips that I can hear it all day. No matter what situation we are in. I just want them to take my name.

Saying so, Vansh moves closer to Riddhima, eyeing her lips and she keeps her eyes closed waiting for what’s coming up and then……… exactly! Y’all are right! It happened! They did it, how can it not happen in my Fan Fiction since I love it. There was a knock at the door!

Vansh: Who the hell is this? Who has work from a couple who’s just married? Couldn’t they have waited for a minute?

Riddhima: Minute?

Vansh: I mean night! We were just about to….

Riddhima(interrupting): Go and open the door or else whoever’s outside will make more noise.

Vansh got up uninterested, with slight anger and opened the door. As soon as he did, Ishani, Sejal, Kabir and Aryan came inside the room. Watching the four coming in, Riddhima got surprised and Vansh irritated. They stood near the bed and Vansh came near them.

Vansh: What now?

Kabir: Do y’all need protection?(pun)

Riddhima and Vansh both were shocked!

Riddhima&Vansh: What!

Kabir: He meant protection from the family members. Afterall, it’s your first night so we don’t want anyone to come in and trouble y’all

Vansh(sarcasm): So kind of y’all to think so! But now y’all can leave, we’ll manage without protection.

Riddhima: Vansh!

Vansh: What? Do you want one?

Riddhima: *embarrassed*

Vansh: I meant from the family.

Ishani: We aren’t going! You gave Sejal and me an empty box wrapped with gift paper.

Vansh: I’ll give you both of y’all a gift tomorrow but for now, if y’all could leave that would be better.

Aryan: What about our gift?

Vansh: I’ll give to the whole house a gift but for now, y’all can leave.

Aryan, Kabir, Ishani and Sejal walked out of the room and Vansh went behind them so that he could lock the door. .

Kabir(while leaving): Enjoy nicely! *winks*

Kabir runs away and Vansh smiles at his stupidity. He locks the door and comes back to Riddhima and sits on bed.


Vansh came out of his thoughts as he reached Uma’s room and told her about the reception party. She asked him to inform others.


Riddhima was still in her room thinking about his words and she recalled their first night.


Riddhima: Thank God they are gone!

Vansh: Exactly! Now we can carry on.

Riddhima: *blushes*

Vansh came closer to Riddhima and completed the task which was left incomplete a few minutes back due to the knock at the door. He kissed her with all the love he has for her while she reciprocated. Their first kiss was filled with pure love, care, affection, possessiveness for each other. Riddhima pulled Vansh closer to her and their kiss grew deeper, stronger and hungrier. As it proceeded, they left their marks on their partners neck, marking them as theirs. After a while, they got rid of their clothes and made love. (I can’t be too romantic, other than that, y’all can ask me to write Humour, Sad or anything but Mature, Nah, Sorry!)


Riddhima was still thinking but she heard footsteps outside her room and she understood it’s Vansh and so to avoid the conversation, she lied down to bed, closing her eyes. Vansh walked inside the room, locking the door. He saw his wife sleeping.

Vansh: Wow! Usually, she waits for me to come back and we sleep together but today, just to avoid the conversation she slept early. It’s okay, Riddhima! If not now then later!

He comes in bed and hugs her to sleep as she smiles hearing his words.

I tried to make the episode funny and romantic, since new year y’all should laugh more, so please let me know!

Is It Really Love? (RIANSH) Episode 58 Precap

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