iPhone’s iTrap!: Every year people are getting addicted to iPhone due to new models and safety, even after being so expensive, Apple has many restrictions


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If you were asked to choose between a luxury Android and an iPhone, what would you choose? The answer may be the iPhone itself. Millions of people in the world are crazy about the iPhone, but its price is out of the budget of the common man. Or rather, after buying it, the budget of the common man can also get spoiled. By the way, people who can not afford to buy an iPhone can relieve themselves from the fact that the iPhone cannot do many things. Let us understand this with a small example…

  • Have you ever tried to swap out Siri for a better voice assistant on your iPhone?
  • Have you tried buying eBooks with the Kindle app?
  • Have you ever sent an iMessage to someone with an Android smartphone?
  • Have you ever backed up your iPhone to Google Drive?
  • Have you ever received parts from Apple to repair your iPhone?

The answer to these 5 things will be found in no and only no? If you’re not sure, ask a friend who is running an iPhone these questions. Even after this, if you are going to buy your first iPhone, then it is for you to say ‘Best of Luck’.

We’re getting used to the updated iPhone and security
The Washington Post’s technology columnist, Geoffrey A. Fowler, told that he has been using the iPhone for the last 12 years. Like most people, they don’t want to change phones, but are getting used to the iPhones being made by Apple. The company is constantly making the iPhone advanced. The company says that it is protecting our security and privacy. While locking the iPhone is also controlling us. This is all for Apple to earn more money.

Geoffrey says that as the owner of the iPhone, he should have the right to do all the work on it, but Apple does not allow him to do so. He has also sought the opinion of other iPhone users regarding this matter.

Putting pressure on app developers with the help of stores
In a case hearing this week, it became clear how harmful Apple’s erratic power has become for consumers. Actually, Apple has asked for 30 percent commission for bringing Epic’s video game ‘Fortnite’ on the App Store. Developers will also have to make this payment because Apple allows the only store to install apps on the iPhone.

Apple thinks it is handcuffing our own hands for good. During the Fortnite trial, Tim Cook said that Apple wants to make its software and hardware easier for the public by removing complex technology from the iPhone. The company also says that due to this, it gets a Satisfi rating from most iPhone customers.

Apple does not tell about the satisfaction rating
Apple never mentions that it has a higher rating than Android smartphone maker Samsung in the Independent American Consumer Satisfaction Index. Here Apple got a score of 80 and Samsung got a score of 81. Compared to Apple, Samsung gives its users a choice of two voice assistants. At the same time, consumers can download any app from different app stores. Geoffrey says that it is not that the Samsung smartphone is better, but that it is better than the iPhone in those things that put users off.

Apple has allowed to think monopolistically to eliminate even the basic products function. Apple has put in place a once-simple menu to remove ads from its services like Arcade, Fitness Plus, TV Plus, iCloud Storage, which can be removed only after membership. However, it eased the transfer of its iCloud photo library to Google Photos. At the same time, in iOS 14.5, we can ask Siri to listen to songs on the music streaming service Spotify instead of Apple Music.

Get apps and subscriptions from all stores

  • What does Apple do? The company only allows its App Store on the iPhone. That is, you cannot install any app on the iPhone without the Store. This means that Apple alone determines its markup price. It alone decides which app will be allowed or not. Regarding this, the company says that it reviews every app, so that the privacy and security of the user remains under control.
  • Why we should be free Apple’s controls literally make the iPhone more expensive for anyone. The company charges app developers up to 30 percent commission, which affects the user only. Apple is also now unilaterally deciding who should be allowed in the App Store? Not everyone agrees with this. In comparison, Android users have other options along with Google, Samsung, Amazon App Store.

iMessage and FaceTime for all

  • What does Apple do? The default iMessage chat app encrypts conversations and adds usable capabilities, but only works with users who use Apple devices. Messages sent to Android users appear as green bubbles in SMS texts. In 2010, Jobs promised that Apple would make FaceTime video open to the industry, but that hasn’t happened yet.
  • Why should Apple open: Limiting iMessage and FaceTime also reduces iPhone usage. Many of Apple’s customers have family, friends, and work people who do not use Apple devices. Even iPhone owners cannot read their messages on Windows PC.

Can select two voice assistants

  • What does Apple do? Apple-made voice assistant for Siri limits the use of the wake word and physical buttons on the iPhone. We can deactivate Siri, but cannot change it with Google Assistant alone. Well, the solution is very simple. Like Siri, you can create a shortcut for Google Assistant. That is, the user can choose his assistant by saying Hi Siri or OK Google.
  • Why should Apple open: Even though Siri is improving. Many of us have built a relationship with this service of a different voice to look up answers, shop or operate our smart homes. Whereas we have better options of voice assistant. For example, Samsung also offers Hummed Bixbuy with Google with its Galaxy smartphones. iPhone users may be saying ‘Hi Siri’ right now, but they think ‘Ok Google’ is more appropriate.

Buy movies, eBooks and other digital media anywhere

  • What does Apple do? Apple approves movies, e-books, music apps that are made by it. Apple ensures for its users that it will not be cheated of any kind.
  • Why should Apple open: iPhone users can buy a canoe on Amazon for $11,000 (approximately Rs 8 lakh), but not an e-book for $10 (approximately Rs 700). Apple’s restrictions turn users away from stores that are getting better prices and selection. To buy books from Amazon’s Kindle store, we have to give up the most popular e-book retailer app.
  • Amazon for Movies is now a member of Apple’s video partner program and is allowed to sell movies directly, but other retailers, including Fandango Now and Vudu, still have to send us a rigmarole.

Select your default app

  • What does Apple do? Last year iOS finally gave us the chance to select our mail and web-browsing apps, but the iPhone still doesn’t let us select system-default apps for essential tasks, including messaging, phone calls, camera, and Maps.
  • Why should Apple open: Due to the competition, the apps related to all the important tasks will encourage their respective developers to do better. For example, camera apps with special features are already among the most popular downloads on the iPhone.

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