Important decision of CM Charanjit Channi: Ministers, MLAs and leaders will meet every Tuesday for 3 hours; Officers should not leave office during cabinet meeting

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  • Important Decision Of CM Charanjit Channi, Ministers, MLAs And Leaders Will Meet Every Tuesday For 3 Hours; Officers Should Not Leave Office During Cabinet Meeting

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CM Charanjit Channi meeting people.

Charanjit Channi has taken an important decision as soon as he became the new CM of Punjab. Now he will meet ministers, MLAs and leaders every Tuesday. For this, the time has been fixed from 11.30 pm to 2.30 pm. During these three hours, he will be away from the busyness related to the work of the government. On Saturday, he himself informed about this decision through social media.

CM Charanjit Channi said that every Tuesday there will be a cabinet meeting after this. He also ordered all the officers to be present in their office especially on Tuesday. This order is so that if there is a need, they can be called at the same time. Even during the cabinet meeting, no secretary or heads of departments have been asked to leave the office.

There were allegations against the captain, he does not meet his own leaders

This exercise of Chief Minister Charanjit Channi is to change the image of CM. Captain Amarinder Singh was accused of not meeting anyone. Far from meeting people, he does not even give time to his party leaders, MLAs and ministers. In his absence the bureaucracy is doing arbitrariness. Because of this, there was a lot of resentment among the legislators too.

The arbitrariness of officers will be stopped

During the time of Captain Amarinder Singh, there were allegations of arbitrariness on the officers. When an officer does not listen to any minister, MLA or leader, he cannot say anything. When he went to meet CM Captain Amarinder Singh, the officers would have returned him from outside. Even the captain’s advisors do not help him. Because of this arbitrary attitude of the bureaucracy, he was not able to get the work of the Congress workers done. Due to which the image of the party was getting tarnished at the grassroots level. In order to change this, now the new Chief Minister has fixed the time of meeting.

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