Hatred for foreigners rises in Singapore: This is not the right time for employment for Indians in Singapore; Locals see him as a job grabber, a competitor

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  • This Is Not The Right Time For Employment In Singapore For Indians; Locals See Him As A Job Grabber, A Competitor

9 hours agoAuthor: VK Santosh Kumar for Bhaskar from Singapore

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When there was a recession in Singapore’s economy during the Corona period, hatred for foreigners also increased

This is not the right time to employ Indian citizens in Singapore. There are two assumptions behind this by the local people of Singapore. These people believe that outsiders, especially Indians, are taking away their jobs. Apart from this, they also say that the delta variant of Corona spread due to Indians in Singapore.

In fact, Indians have emerged as the biggest competitors in the field of employment in Singapore in the last few years. They work hard and give better results. At first everything went well. But the economy went into recession during the Corona period. Due to this, Indians started knocking in the eyes of the local people. Locals believe that they are most qualified for high positions in the banking and IT industry sectors. But there are Indians in many key positions in these fields.

These posts are not given to the local people. The reason for this is the India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA). This agreement was made to strengthen bilateral trade between India-Singapore. It was signed on 29 June 2005. Many opposition leaders are supporters of China. They allege that due to this agreement, Indians are continuously taking away the jobs of the people of Singapore. After a year-long debate on the issue, the government had to make a statement in Parliament on 6 July.

Minister Ong Ye Kung said that CECA does not allow unconditional entry of Indians into Singapore. Singapore’s success as a financial hub is attributed to its openness to global talent. But it has come down in the last year. Even the successful CEO of DBS Bank Piyush Gupta had to face trouble for being an Indian. Anti-India sentiment was largely fueled by Chinese Singaporeans, whose ancestors are from China.

Delta variant reaches Singapore… allegation on Indian families
The first case of the Delta variant of Corona was reported in Singapore in April. Then it was being said here that the Delta variant reached Singapore with an Indian family. The government later clarified that the Delta variant had reached India through a family from another South Asian country. Meanwhile, racial abuse started happening against Indians in Singapore. After the second wave of Corona, Singapore completely banned the arrival of Indians.

Limited employment opportunities for Indians. This reduced the income of Indian families. About 6,50,000 Indians were living in Singapore before the Corona period. 9% of Singapore’s citizens are people of Indian origin. But in two years there has been a huge decrease.

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