Hamariwali Good News 4th January 2021 Written Update

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The Episode starts with Sumitra saying Mukund won’t come in your words. Indu calls Mukund from Renuka’s phone. Mukund hears Sumitra’s drama on the phone. Sumitra frames Renuka. Renuka says don’t do this drama, Mukund isn’t here to see this drama and believe you. The goons come there. Mukund is on the way. Renuka asks who are you all. Sumitra says Yamraj’s men. She asks them to do for what they have come. Renuka asks them not to come close.

Hamariwali Good News 4th January 2021 Written Update
Hamariwali Good News 4th January 2021 Written Update

The men catch Renuka. Sumitra acts to get hurt and screams. She says Renuka will kill me, Indu call someone for help. Mukund hears this and worries. Renuka gets freed. She goes to help Sumitra. Sumitra cuts her own hand and acts with the goons. Renuka snatches the knife from the goon’s hand. Mukund comes and sees the knife in Renuka’s hand. He gets shocked. Sumitra says Renuka has hurt me. Renuka asks what are you saying. Mukund asks her to shut up. He scolds Renuka for the lie. The goons try to run. Mukund catches one and fights.

They get shocked seeing the same man who acted like pandit’s brother. The man says Renuka had hired me to kill Sumitra. Renuka asks what, when did I hire you, I gave you money for helping pandit. Mukund asks Renuka to stop lying. She says I didn’t do anything, I m saying the truth. Indu says Renuka had tied me up. Mukund goes and frees her. Indu also lies against Renuka. Mukund says you won’t say anything now, police will make you admit the truth. Sumitra acts to faint. Mukund runs to her. Sumitra hugs him and smiles. Renuka says they are lying to frame me.

Navya sees Adi and hugs. He asks her what happened. She tells everything. Adi ruins the things around and gets angry. He says I will not leave that creep, how dare he, I will kill him. Poonam comes and looks on. He asks why did you go there. Navya says I did what my heart told me, I couldn’t leave you in that state. He asks how could I live if anything happened to you, its actually Sumitra and Alok’s plan to frame me and blackmail you, I will not leave them. Poonam says Renuka had saved Navya on time. Adi asks where is mum. Navya says Sumitra would be troubling Renuka, we have to go to her. Adi asks her to take rest. She says no, I have to go to Renuka.

Mukund drags Renuka and scolds her. She says I had messaged you and called you to the hotel, I wanted to show you the truth, Sumitra and Alok did a wrong thing to ruin Navya’s respect. He asks are you not ashamed to blame Sumitra. She says its the truth, why will I blame Sumitra, why will I lie. He says fine, you are saying the truth, what’s the proof, tell me.

Adi and Navya come. Navya says we have the proof, I m the proof, I have come to tell you Sumitra’s truth, if Renuka didn’t come on time, then anything could have happened with me. Mukund says what a drama, you were blaming Renuka for getting you divorced, now she is your family, how shall I believe you. Adi says give us a chance to explain. Mukund says stop the nonsense, you do drama, I can’t understand whom to believe. Navya says I admit we did a drama to show you Sumitra’s face, Renuka had come to save me. Mukund asks from whom. Renuka says Sanjay and Alok, Sumitra did this big conspiracy with them. Mukund says its a new drama now. Alok and Preeti come. Adi holds Alok’s collar and scolds. Alok says Sumitra came to beg me for Adi. Navya says Alok had sent me to Sanjay. Alok asks why will I send you, I had called Sanjay to help Adi.

Hamariwali Good News 4th January 2021 Written Update Precap:

Sumitra says I will go from home. Mukund says no, Renuka will leave this house. He says I will make Renuka out of my life, she is dead for me. Renuka gets shocked.

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