Grawton Electric Bike Launch: 150 kms on a single charge. Will get a range of 300 km with the help of 3 batteries. will be able to drive

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  • Gravton Quanta EV Electric Bike Launch In India At Price 99000; All You Need To Know

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The Gravton electric bike has been launched by the Quanta company at a price of Rs 99,000. Company Limited is offering Grawton Charging Station to the user for free. This bike is user friendly. The company’s CEO Parashuram Parakha started working on it in 2016. 7 crores were spent in preparing this company. Now the company’s capacity has increased to 2,000 units per month. The special thing about the bike is that the battery can be replaced in it. The company claims that the vehicle can travel 300 km on a single charge using 3 batteries in the vehicle. can run till.

Features of Grawton Quanta

  • A motor of 3 kW is available, due to which the top speed of the vehicle becomes 70 km / h.
  • Battery power in Quanta is 3 kWh lithium-ion battery. Which gives a range of 150 km on a single charge. The battery can be charged in 3 hours at home. If you charge with a fast charger, it will be charged in just 90 minutes. The range can be increased to 320 km by adding a separate battery in it.
  • The smartphone is equipped with the app feature. In this, roadside assistance, mapping service station, can remotely lock / unlock the vehicle. Also, you can turn the lights on and off and check the overall health of the vehicle.
  • The company says that its range can be increased. For this, 3 batteries will have to be installed separately. After that it is 300 km. Will give range of
  • Dual disc brakes are available in the bike. Comfort has been taken care of in making the seat. LED light is available in the headlight. Red and white are available in two color options.

The company says that it will soon bring such an electric motorcycle which will be equal to the 125-150cc engine capacity of a petrol vehicle. Gravton Motors has set a target of selling 5,000 units in the 1st year and 18,000 units in the second year. Also, the company will set up a battery swapping station in Hyderabad after selling 2,500 units.

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