Gionee’s three smartwatches launched: Can check oxygen and heart rate, in special offer, the starting price of smartwatch has been kept at Rs 2,099

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  • You Can Check Oxygen And Heart Rate, The Starting Price Of The Smartwatch Has Been Kept At Rs 2,099 In The Special Offer.

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Gionee’s new three smartwatches have been launched in India. These include the Gionee StylFit GSW6, Gionee StylFit GSW7 and Gionee StylFit GSW8. The Gionee StylFit GSW8 is considered to be exclusive to women. In fact, women can track their menstrual cycle in this. In these new Gionee smartwatches, you can check heart rate with fitness tracking. With the Sport mode, you will get to know about outdoor run, cycling and how much. The Gionee StylFit GSW6, Gionee StylFit GSW7 and Gionee StylFit GSW8 smartwatches come with Bluetooth voice calling support.

Price of Gionee StylFit GSW6, Gionee StylFit GSW7 and Gionee StylFit GSW8

The Gionee StylFit GSW6 is priced at Rs 6,999, while the Gionee StylFit GSW7 is priced at Rs 3,999 and the Gionee StylFit GSW8 is priced at Rs 8,999. The company is giving Gionee StylFit GSW7 a special prize on June 13. Due to which it will be available on Flipkart on Sunday for Gionee StylFit GSW7 for Rs 2,099. The company has not disclosed how long this offer will last.

Gionee StylFit GSW6 Features and Specs

The Gionee StylFit GSW6 comes with a square display. In which the glass cover protection is found on the top. The smartwatch has Bluetooth v5 connectivity, which supports voice calling and a music player. Especially for voice calls, Gionee Smart gets inbuilt speaker and microphone.

In view of health, health and fitness tracking system is available in it. It has a 220mAh battery. It is claimed that it can give 15 days of standby and up to five days of use on a single charge. Other specifications of the smartwatch are yet to come.

Gionee StylFit GSW7 Features and Specs

It has a 1.3-inch curved touch display. In which a 24-hour heart rate monitoring system is available. The smartwatch company claims that it also tells the blood oxygen level. When connected to a smartphone, the StylFit GSW7 receives notifications of calls, texts, e-mails and updates for Facebook, WhatsApp. It is IP 67 rated. Due to which it will not get spoiled due to dust and water. 130mAh battery is available. Due to which it lasts 4 days on a single charge.

Gionee StylFit GSW8 Key Features and Specifications

Like the Gionee StylFit GSW7, it also gets a curved touch display. It comes with speaker and microphone. The smartwatch has Bluetooth connectivity, which supports voice calling and music player. Especially for voice calls, the Gionee Smart gets inbuilt speakers and microphones. It has a health and fitness tracking system.

Thereby monitoring the heart rate, tracking the menstrual cycle, monitoring the sleeping hours. It has a 300mAh battery. Lasts for seven days on a single charge. Standby time is 18 days. You can find out where the mobile is with the Find My Phone feature. Out door run, cycling and how much will be known from the sport mode.

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