Feature Article: Every student of IIST becomes so capable that the career path becomes very easy for him

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After the 12th examination results, now the student is ready to choose the future path. So they need proper guidance. Rajesh Tiwari, Chief Counselor of the prestigious educational institution IIST-IIP-IIMR, has given some suggestions and answers to the questions related to the curiosities of the students. Here is a sequence…

1. What is the importance of counseling in your view in the field of education?
Counseling is of special importance in the field of education, as it provides necessary information and guidance to the students and their parents for a better future. It happens many times that students and parents do not have a deep understanding of various subjects and opportunities in their respective fields. Counseling plays a special role in this and students get information about the field and subjects of further education according to their ability, interest and subject of 12th or graduation, so that students can choose better subjects, colleges etc. in terms of career.

2. What should be kept in mind while counseling UG and PG students?
In the counseling of Under Graduation, the student is given information about different fields so that the student can complete his graduation according to his interest. builds his career. In Post Graduation, the student acquires high-grade knowledge and professionalism based knowledge for his advancement.

3. Graduation with which subject can give a better career?
If one thing is to be done in general, there are a lot of possibilities and career opportunities available in all the subjects of graduation. In today’s environment it would be wrong to underestimate any subject, the future of the student depends on the efforts made on the subject taken according to his interest and the tireless hard work done in it. In this, students can move forward from job to entrepreneurship. But if we talk about any one student personally, then for this, options are suggested according to the subject and interest of the student. We are providing a large number of courses at IIST. In addition, several initiatives have been taken to promote skill development courses and entrepreneurship. Also IIST has strong links with the industry through which students get practical knowledge of the industrial sector. With this, every student of IIST becomes so capable that the career path becomes very easy for him.

4. Is doing BTech as good today as it used to be a decade ago?
BTech or BE has its own importance even today. It offers a large number of employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. But in the last decade, the difference has come that now opportunities have increased in other subjects as well. It is also worth noting here that now many new branches have emerged in BE or BTech in which people’s interest has increased. Due to this, in addition to other courses in IIST, courses are being made available in seven branches of BE. These include Civil, Mechanical, Electronics & Communication, CS, IT and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Engineers will be needed at every juncture in the progress path of the country. It depends how much justice you do with the subject taken. Accordingly, you can get better employment opportunities, in addition to syllabus in IIST, IIP, IIMR colleges, various technology and communication skills, personality development, soft skills, holistic through SIG – special interest group development etc., by which the student can achieve his goal during placement.

5. Can a career in politics be a better option?
Literacy rate is increasing in the country. For this reason, both the need and the trend of educated youth seems to be increasing in politics. But to be seen as a career option depends on the interest of the students, as this field requires hard work for success. Talking about the required courses for this, there are Political Science and Communication. Which provide the necessary knowledge to the students. After this, for practical knowledge, students are required to do social service work continuously.

6. How should one prepare for joining the Administrative Service?
Preparation for joining the administrative service should be started during graduation as the minimum qualification is 21 years of age and graduate pass or final year students in any discipline can participate. SIG in IIST Through this we prepare children for administrative service. Civil Services preparation can be easily completed in a maximum of two years.
7. How to know which field you are interested in?
There are many ways to find your interest. In this, first of all, pay attention to yourself that what things you get the most pleasure in doing or see in which areas your achievements have been from childhood till now. Also, focus on your academic, cultural, sports preferences. Usually they can be known about their interest. Apart from this, if there is a problem, then psychometric test can be used. Apart from this, also try to decide what kind of environment you would like to work in in future, job or self-employment, make a list of related career options and then select your career and course, in which field You will be interested, you will be able to do much better in that area, each field has its own strengths and weaknesses. No one career option can be right for everyone, what is right for you may not necessarily be right for your friends. So choose the field according to your interest.

8. How children keep themselves positive in the current era?
There is definitely an atmosphere of negativity currently due to the pandemic of COVID-19, but we know that everything has two sides. Today, due to the lockdown, we may have to stay at home, but by making good use of this free time, we can prepare ourselves for the time to come. For this, we can do various technical or artistic courses according to our interest. which are available in large numbers online. Many of these are also being provided free of cost. Apart from this, this is the best time to focus on your hobbies like petting, dancing, singing, cooking, writing, reading, yoga etc. All these things will make you positive.

Counselor’s Name: Shri Rajesh Tiwari, Chief Counselor, IIST-IIP-IIMR

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