Customer upset with iPhone 13 Pro: Users claim – Apple Watch is not unlocking the phone, the problem is happening even after updating the system

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Recently Apple has launched the iPhone 13 series. But as it is reaching the users, people are sharing the experience of their new iPhone.

Many users are happy after getting a new phone, while many are facing problems. Users are sharing their experiences on social media. Users who bought the iPhone 13 Pro say that they are unable to unlock the Apple Watch from their iPhone 13 Pro. When trying to unlock the phone, it throws an error.

Phone not unlocked despite updated version
Reddit user Monzilla88 first gave information about the problem in the phone on Friday. The user says that both his iPhone 13 Pro and Apple Watch SE are up-to-date with the updated version, yet the phone does not unlock.

Despite resetting password, network and settings, it did not work
The user wrote in the post that whenever he tries to unlock the iPhone 13 Pro with Apple Watch, he gets an error. The user named Monzilla88 claims that he had unpaired the device, reset both the devices and also reset the password, yet the unlock feature was not activated. At the same time, other users told that he has also reset the password, network and settings.

working properly in iphone 11 pro max and iphone X
However, more than 20 other users have found that this feature is working properly on the iOS 15 updated version of older iPhone models including iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone X.

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