Crime committed here, there was punishment: Death in the road accident of a young man, who was running away after killing his wife, was lodged due to domestic tribulation

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  • The Young Man Killed Wife And Died In Road Accident While Running In Kharar Of Mohali

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Kharar (Mohali)4 minutes ago

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There was a fight over something. The matter grew so much that the heir killed Varsha.

  • Killed and ran and the car accident happened on the way, died on the spot

Justice may be delayed in the lower court, but the latter does not delay in justice. Evidence of this was found in a case where the crime occurred and the offender was also punished. The case is bizarre, but a householder’s life ended in shock.

There is an incident of Sunny Enclave at Kharar in Mohali district. A man was running away after killing his wife that he too had an accident on the way and lost his life. The police were also surprised to know the matter. The police team has started investigation by capturing both the bodies.

Inspector Harsh Gautam, incharge of Sunny Enclave police post confirmed the woman’s murder and the murder of her murdered husband in the road accident. He said that Varsha Chauhan and her husband Heir Kyamudin had been living in a rented house for the last one month in New Vihar area of ​​Sunny Enclave.

Late Thursday night, three of them got into a fight over something. The matter grew so much that the heir killed Varsha. Heir escaped after committing the crime, but his car crashed as he entered the Chandigarh border. The heir was badly injured in the accident and died on the spot.

After this the heir killed Varsha. He then escaped with his car to escape from the police. When he reached the border of Chandigarh, his car fell victim to the accident and he died on the spot. Police identified the deceased on the basis of documents found from the spot.

When the investigation took place in the Varsha Murder case, it was revealed that Varsha’s husband was the one who died in the accident. After this, the police of both the areas understood the case. During interrogation, it was found that there was often a fight between the two. Neighbors said that there were voices of quarreling both late Thursday night.



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