Corona even after vaccination: 187 health workers infected a month after second dose of vaccine in Patna, Health Department said – No protection against vaccine infection is guaranteed

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Patna8 hours ago

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This is eye-opening news for people who become careless after taking the Corona vaccine. The report of 187 health workers who have taken both vaccine doses in Bihar’s capital Patna has come out positive. These people took the first dose of the vaccine in the first round and they were given the second dose of the vaccine about a month ago. In this way, the 14-day period fixed by the government after the second dose was also completed. Despite this, after a month, these people turned out to be positive.

The report of 3 doctors and two nurses of Nalanda Medical College Hospital (NMCH) has come out positive. At the same time, after taking the second dose of vaccine in Patna Medical College (PMCH), a case of health care workers has become infected. Earlier, 2 medical students of NMCH were also found to be Corona positive. A female employee of the District Health Committee is also Corona positive. She had her second dose of vaccine on 8 March.

Shocking of 187 health workers report
A review of officials in Patna revealed that there are 187 health workers who are positive after taking both doses of the vaccine. However, the good thing is that neither of them is in critical condition. Following the report, all health workers have quarantined themselves at home.

Even after the vaccine, the risk of corona remains
Health department officials say that there is a risk of infection even after taking the vaccine. However, taking the vaccine reduces your chances of getting the condition by 80%. Also, the risk of death from infection is also averted. Dr. DM Chandrashekhar Singh of Patna said that after taking the latest cases, those taking the vaccine have been asked to take precautions. Those who are not vaccinated need to be more vigilant about infection.

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