Chinese propaganda on Galvan clash: China held India responsible for the fight, Tibet occupied country said – India grabbed our land

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China, which vandalized Indian soldiers in Galvan Valley, is now accusing India of this clash. China, which has occupied an entire country Tibet, has blamed India for the Galwan clashes in June 2020. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Friday that a number of treaties have been signed between China and India to maintain peace.

The Chinese spokesperson said that the incident in Galwan Valley last year was because of India, as it encroached on Chinese land in violation of agreements and illegally crossed the LAC. We expect India to abide by all agreements going forward.

20 soldiers of India were martyred
20 Indian soldiers were martyred in this clash. China had confessed to the killing of 4 of its soldiers. However, it was claimed in many media reports that the actual number of Chinese soldiers who died was much higher. This was the first incident of soldiers being killed in a confrontation on the LAC after 1975.

Soldiers clashed on 15 June 2020
In Galvan Valley, soldiers of China and India were stationed on the ground in the border. The Chinese army was present on the Indian side. The Indian Army asked him to return. The Chinese soldiers agreed but the dispute started with their actions. China put up two tents, which were like observation posts. Argued that if we go back we will not be able to track your activities.

The Indian Army protested against this and the skirmish started. The Chinese were armed with weapons and the Indian Army had reached there under old practice. After this clash, talks took place between the two sides around 30 June and China withdrew one kilometer from there. India was back to its post.

Reason for dispute in Pangong
There are one to 8 fingers on Pangong Lake. India claims that the area up to 8 fingers belongs to it. China says that it has territory till Finger 4. After Galwan, India started stopping the Chinese. This was the time of Bihar elections. When China made a permanent base on Finger 4, in view of the electoral situation and atmosphere of the country, India sent additional forces there.

Where the Chinese were sitting in the lower area, on that finger 4, the Special Forces of India occupied the top and got the advantage. However, the same step was taken by the Special Forces of China on Finger 6 and 5. This was also the dispute.

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