Two statements of two ministers of Bangladesh: Home Minister said – Attacks on Hindu temples were done under conspiracy; Information Minister said – Islam is not the religion of the country

Dhaka8 minutes ago copy link After several incidents of attacks on Hindu temples in Bangladesh, two big ministers of the country have given statements on two separate occasions. Home Minister Asadduzman Khan on Sunday said that the attacks on pandals during Durga Puja were pre-planned and were done as part of a conspiracy. At the … Read more

Biden trusts Obama: US President’s approval rating falls; Question- Is the remote control of Biden in the hands of the former President?

Hindi News International Joe Biden Barack Obama | President Biden Approval Rating Down Sharply; Barack Obama Took The Task To Rescue US President One hour agoAuthor: Tridev Sharma copy link A common question is being raised in some circles of the American media. And that is, is President Joe Biden taking decisions and running the … Read more

Relief news: Lockdown in Melbourne is going to be lifted after 262 days, all restrictions will be removed from Friday

Hindi News International Relief News Lockdown In Melbourne Is Going To Be Removed After 262 Days, All Restrictions Will Be Removed From Friday Melbourne/Mecca2 hours ago copy link 70% of people have taken both doses to prevent corona. Melbourne city of Australia is going to get freedom from lockdown after 262 days. The world’s longest … Read more

Heavy snowfall in Russia: Temperature reached minus 200, trees covered with snow, twigs also froze

Hindi News International Heavy Snowfall In Russia Temperature Reached Minus 200, Trees Covered With Snow, Twigs Also Froze moscow3 minutes ago copy link The special thing is that ski resorts have also opened due to snowfall. A period of heavy snowfall has started in Russia, the coldest country in the world. The freshest snowfall occurred … Read more

Pakistan in deep trouble: IMF denies loan of $ 6 billion to Imran Khan government, will not even get the first installment

Islamabad/WashingtonOne hour ago The last ray of hope for Pakistan, which has sunk in the quagmire of debt, also seems to be going away. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has refused a loan of $ 6 billion to Pakistan. Not only this, the IMF has also made it clear that the first installment of $ … Read more

Rift in friendship: Ban on Chinese company providing fake documents in Pakistan; Power crisis will deepen in the country

IslamabadOne hour ago copy link The loss in electricity transmission in Pakistan is up to 30%. (symbolic) The National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) in Pakistan has banned a Chinese firm for providing fake documents to get tenders. Now this company will not be able to participate in any tender or auction process in future … Read more

Chinese missile failed, but America upset: China’s hypersonic missile missed the target, but American defense system failed to detect it

Beijing4 hours ago copy link In August, China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile. According to a media report, this test missile of China failed to hit its target, but with this effort it has surprised American intelligence agencies. Actually, America’s missile defense system could not detect the missile, because the American system can catch only … Read more

Made History: Russian Film Crew Returns to Earth After Shooting First Movie in Space; 40 minutes long scene shot in 12 days

Moscow23 minutes ago copy link After creating history for the first time shooting a movie in space, a Russian film crew returned to Earth on Sunday. The crew, which spent 12 days in space on the International Space Station (ISS) to shoot a scene in the film “Challenge”, includes actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim … Read more

International Conference on Taliban: India also invited Pakistan, if Pakistan NSA comes, there will be first high-level meeting between the two countries in 5 years

New Delhi31 minutes ago copy link Indian Security Advisor Ajit Doval can lead this meeting being organized by the National Security Council Secretariat. Next month India is going to organize a global conference on the situation in Afghanistan. In this, India has invited National Security Advisors of many countries to attend. These countries also include … Read more

Bhaskar LIVE Updates: Manish Gupta murder case: Today SIT will recreate the scene of 512 number room with Manish’s friends

Hindi News National Breaking News LIVE Updates | Dainik Bhaskar Breaking News Headlines Today, India And World Latest Pictures Videos 27 minutes ago copy link After sending all the six accused policemen to jail in the case of Kanpur’s property dealer Manish Gupta’s death due to police beating in Gorakhpur, the SIT will now take … Read more