Career Success: Mental models can get better results in career, know some such mental models that can supercharge your career

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  • You Can Get Better Results In Your Career With Mental Models, Know Some Mental Models That Can Supercharge Your Career

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6 days ago

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Elon Musk is causing disarray in many industries, including space exploration and automobiles. Experts believe that the mantle model of their first principals thinking is responsible for this. This mental model helped them to think from the basic level and to find new solutions by dividing large problems into smaller parts. Understand this with the example that when Ilon was costing the rocket too much, they started with the basic price of aluminum, copper etc. and tried to know how the price of the rocket could be reduced.

In fact, like Ilon, we all use the mantle model in our lives and based on this, find important solutions or make decisions. In this case, the more mental models you use in your toolkit, the more effective the results will be. Learn about some such mental models that can supercharge your career.

Circle of competition

This is an important strategy for success in mental model career. Warren Buffett’s business partner Charlie Manger gave this concept in 1994 at USC Business School’s Commencement Speech. According to this, it is important to identify your circle and competition and stay in it. It is not necessary to know its size, but knowledge of its limitations is necessary. With the help of this model, you can know where you need help by focusing on efforts to get the best rewards. You can expand your network by continuing learning.

Nobel laureate Feinman’s four step learning technique

Nobel Prize winning physicist and teacher Feinman is known for his four-step learning techniques. Bill Gates also considers him the best teacher. According to this technique, you read your topic and then try to explain it to a 10 year old child. In the meantime, read and explain again wherever you are stuck. Through this technique, Feinman explains that when you explain a difficult subject in easy words, you master it.

Regret minimization will reduce regrets on a decision

Currently the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, quit a lucrative job and joined the Internet boom to use Amazon to use the rigorous minimization mantle model. If you are going through the struggle of making difficult decisions like changing careers, then you can take help of this mental model. Ask yourself whether you will regret your decision today at the age of 80 or five years from now. Here you choose the option that you least regret.

Multiplication by zero

To avoid a complete failure, remember that multiplying any large number by zero reduces its value. The idiot dotcom founder Prabhakiran Singh believes that the sudden death or breakdown of professionals and entrepreneurs due to excessive stress is also an example of zero income. With the help of this mental model, try to identify what is there in work, career and life that has the risk of multiplication by zero and then overcome it.

Thinking gray

Steven Sample says in his book Contrarian Guide to Leadership that don’t just look at white and black around you, pay attention to gray as well and take time to make decisions and don’t take decisions immediately because of negative thoughts.

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