BJP’s mission makeover: BJP on the path of Sangh to change the bad image from Corona, instructions to the workers – join the ground, do social work


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New Delhi4 hours ago

In the second wave of Corona, the governments of BJP-ruled states including the central government also faced criticism. BJP has taken the path of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh to improve the image of the Modi government that has been damaged by this. Under this, BJP has launched a program named Seva Hi Sangathan. Party President JP Nadda has asked the workers to take part in the vaccination campaign in the second phase of this campaign.

Service Hi Organization Program Phase-2

  • Nadda has asked the workers to participate in relief operations and training of volunteer health workers in villages, apart from the vaccination campaign.
  • Workers should ensure that both doses of the vaccine are administered to all people above the age of 45 years.
  • Focus on getting vaccinated for specific groups in the age group between 18-44, which are more prone to infection.
  • Make the delivery of goods, auto rickshaw drivers, house workers, news paper distributors, gas cylinders delivery aware about vaccination.
  • Organize blood donation camp. Make ration and food arrangements to provide food to the needy in hospitals and elsewhere.
  • Send workers to care homes where older people are suffering or are all infected. Help the families who are in need.
  • Telemedicine consultancy and medical help centers should be set up for advice after Kovid.

Workers should do ground work even in view of the third wave
Nadda has instructed the activists to insist on vaccination of such parents, who have children below 12 years of age in their homes. This direction of the party is based on the apprehensions of experts regarding the third wave, which said that children may become more infected in this wave.

3 steps so far to improve the image

  • First: In the second wave, when the central government and the Uttar Pradesh government were accused of mismanagement, the BJP directed the workers to be active in the campaign against Corona. Modi’s 7 years as Prime Minister were not celebrated, Nadda said that the workers should focus on social service.
  • Second: Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a message to the nation on 7 June. Announced to make 18 plus vaccination free.
  • Third: BJP started the second phase of Seva Hi Sangathan campaign. Gave detailed instructions to the workers to fight the war against Corona.

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