Attack on the US Embassy in Iraq: Three rockets were fired one after the other at the US Embassy in Baghdad; Two days ago, the army shot down a drone roaming near the embassy.

Baghdad4 hours ago copy link The US embassy in Iraq’s capital Baghdad was attacked on Thursday. According to the news agency AFP, the US embassy was targeted by rockets. Three rockets were fired one after the other. Iraq’s army has given information about this attack. Two days before this, the US military shot down a … Read more

Gun Culture: More shooting deaths than Corona in a week, now Rs 1,038 crore will be spent to stop gun violence in America

Hindi News International More Shooting Deaths Than Corona In A Week, Now Rs 1,038 Crore Will Be Spent To Stop Gun Violence In America New YorkOne hour ago copy link Governor Cuomo signs a gun violence bill in New York. Last year, Corona was successfully controlled to a great extent in New York. But after … Read more

Under exclusive contract from The New York Times: 3 Boeing and 40 container-loading machines away from China due to US

San Francisco4 hours agoAuthor: Don Clark copy link America does not want China, which is called the manufacturing hub, to become the main manufacturer of semiconductors in the world. US President Joe Biden and his officials are very upset these days. Reason- China was trying to capture the shortage of semiconductors and the technology to … Read more

Researchers of Queen Mary University claim: In Britain, a bowl of breakfast contains as much sugar as 5 biscuits, the researchers said – if children want to protect themselves from diabetes, then it is necessary to stop them

Hindi News International In Britain, As Much Sugar As 5 Biscuits In A Breakfast Bowl, The Researchers Said – If Children Want To Protect Themselves From Diabetes, Then It Is Necessary To Stop Them London13 hours ago copy link Out of 126 products, only 2 are as per the standards, 92% of the products contain … Read more

Sex Education: A Major Taboo in India

Sex Education: A Major Taboo in India

In today’s world, sex education is not only needed for adults but also for children as young as five years old. Unfortunately, in India, sex education remains a hush-hush concept. As the myth around sex education is that it encourages kids or adults to indulge in sex rather than creating awareness. Reproduction is the only … Read more

PM Modi 2.0 Cabinet Restructure

PM Modi 2.0 Cabinet Restructure

For the first time in Modi’s second term, a major cabinet restructure has taken place on Wednesday at 6 PM. Forty-three new ministers have sworn in. The cabinet will be made up of a significant presence of people from OBCs, the average age of ministry has been lowered, making space for young and professional leaders, … Read more

Samadhi of Sir Ganga Ram, who settled in Lahore: After 10 years in Lahore, was re-opened to the public, some people had occupied

Hindi News International After 10 Years In Lahore, The Mausoleum Again Opened To The Public, Some People Had Captured LahoreOne hour ago copy link Gangaram’s samadhi is located near Takali Gate in Lahore, Punjab province. The tomb of Sir Ganga Ram, an eminent Hindu philanthropist and architect who founded the city of Lahore in Pakistan, … Read more

Corona in the world: 4.30 lakh cases came in the last day, 8,196 deaths; The number of new infected in Britain crosses 28 thousand, this is the highest in the last 5 months

Hindi News International Coronavirus Outbreak Vaccine Latest Update; USA Brazil Russia UK France Cases And Deaths From COVID 19 Virus Washington/London8 minutes ago copy link Corona report of 4 lakh 30 thousand 841 people of Corona came positive in the world on Wednesday. During this, 4 lakh 9 thousand 292 people defeated Corona and 8,196 … Read more

Dilip Kumar’s memories of Pune: Work done in a British canteen here for just Rs 36, the British loved their sandwiches in hand; Arrested for raising slogans of freedom

Hindi News Local Maharashtra Dilip Kumar Untoled Story From Pune: He Worked In A British Canteen For Only 36 Rupees, The British Liked Their Hand Sandwiches; Arrested For Raising Slogans Of Freedom Pune6 hours ago copy link Knowing English, he got a job as an assistant in the canteen of the British Army in Pune. … Read more

Group of IT companies sent a letter to China: IT companies will not provide service if privacy laws are changed in Hong Kong

Hong KongOne hour ago copy link In Hong Kong in 2019, pro-democracy supporters used social media fiercely for protests. The industry group Asia Internet Alliance (AIC) has sent a letter to the Hong Kong administration. It says that IT companies will leave the country if China moves to amend Hong Kong’s privacy law. Companies like … Read more