Bhaskar LIVE Updates: Manish Gupta murder case: Today SIT will recreate the scene of 512 number room with Manish’s friends

Hindi News National Breaking News LIVE Updates | Dainik Bhaskar Breaking News Headlines Today, India And World Latest Pictures Videos 27 minutes ago copy link After sending all the six accused policemen to jail in the case of Kanpur’s property dealer Manish Gupta’s death due to police beating in Gorakhpur, the SIT will now take … Read more

Sleep Procrastination: People who are intentionally cutting off sleep for a while, millions of sufferers in the world

Hindi News International People Who Are Deliberately Cutting Off Sleep For Some Time, Millions Of Victims In The World London38 minutes ago copy link Deliberately cutting back on your sleep, so that some leisure time can be taken out for yourself and only yourself, is called ‘Sleep Procrastination’. Newt Hardy from South London runs a … Read more

Attack on Hindu temples not stopping in Bangladesh: ISKCON and Kali temple vandalized, 1 dead; PM Sheikh Hasina’s warning did not have any effect

Dhaka44 minutes ago Attacks on Hindu temples in Bangladesh are not stopping. On Friday, a mob vandalized the ISKCON temple in Naokhali. The temple committee has also claimed that a mob of 200 people brutally killed Partho Das, an ISKCON member, whose body was found in a pond near the temple. On Friday, a person … Read more

China’s longest space mission started: 3 Chinese astronauts reached the new space station, will spend 183 days

BeijingOne hour ago copy link The Shenzhou-13 spacecraft was launched from the Jiukuyan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Three Chinese astronauts landed on China’s new space station on Saturday. It is considered a major step in China’s new space program. The Shenzhou-13 spacecraft was launched on a Long March 2F rocket … Read more

Talking about the struggle of single parents: US President Biden admits that child care is not easy, remembers his problem

Hindi News International Joe Biden | US President Joe Biden On Transformation Of America’s Lagging Child Care Services Hartford (USA)7 hours ago copy link US President Joe Biden, the world’s superpower, made a very passionate personal appeal to his countrymen to save child care services that are struggling to survive. Biden said Friday that the … Read more

Pentagon statement on Kabul drone attack: Will provide financial assistance to the families of people killed by US drones in Kabul; Will also help settle in the US

Washington DC11 hours ago A car destroyed in a US drone strike on August 29. American officials suspected it was filled with explosives. The US Defense Department, the Pentagon, has offered financial assistance to the families of 10 people killed by a US drone in Afghanistan. The Pentagon has also promised to help family members … Read more

Watch the firing in the stadium in VIDEO: Football match was going on in Alabama, US, suddenly firing started; 4 people injured

Washington DC14 hours ago Four people were injured when an unidentified assailant opened fire at a football stadium in the US state of Alabama. One of them is in critical condition. The injured include 2 minors. The accident happened at Ladd-Peebles Stadium in the city of Mobile, Alabama, at 10 p.m. Friday when a football … Read more

Bhaskar LIVE Updates: Attack on ISKCON temple and devotees in Bangladesh, claims committee – mob brutally killed one member

Hindi News National Breaking News LIVE Updates | Dainik Bhaskar Breaking News Headlines Today, India And World Latest Pictures Videos 5 minutes ago copy link The ISKCON temple committee in Naokhali, Bangladesh, has said that their temple and devotees were attacked by a mob on Friday. The committee said that a mob of 200 people … Read more

US FDA directive for good health: School, restaurant and home asked to reduce salt in food, reason – four in 10 adults are suffering from high blood pressure

Hindi News International US FDA Directive For Good Health Asked To Reduce Salt In School, Restaurant And Home Food, Reason Four In 10 Adults Are Suffering From High Blood Pressure 41 min agoAuthor Andrew Jacobs copy link Aim to reduce sodium intake by 40% in a decade, 5 lakh lives could be saved. Bad news … Read more

Fine on those who break the tomb of a Hindu saint in Pakistan: This will be the construction, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court said – repairs should be done in a month

Hindi News International Fines Will Be Imposed On Those Who Break The Tomb Of A Hindu Saint In Pakistan This Will Be The Construction, The Chief Justice Of The Supreme Court Said Repairs Should Be Done In A Month 7 hours agoAuthor: Nasir Abbas for Bhaskar from Islamabad copy link This decision is being considered … Read more