Apple WWDC 2021 Live: Many changes made in Facetime app, grill view option in it; Background will auto blur in portrait mode


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Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2021) has started. Like last year, this time it is going virtual. The event was started by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Like every year, this time too the developer conference is focused on software and operating systems.

updated facetime

  • The company has updated its FaceTime app. Now FaceTime calls will come with Spatial Audio support. This will make the call very natural and smooth.
  • When there is a bunch of people on the screen, the sound will come out as if coming from the head. FaceTime will work better with voice isolation and turning off background noise. Users can use “wide spectrum” audio instead of voice isolation.
  • Finally, it will get grill view. It’s a lot easier and easier to figure out than something smaller than this. It will also get Portrait mode, which will automatically blur the background.
  • Users can create a “Facetime link” to join the call. It works on Android, Windows and the web. FaceTime’s Grill View feature looks a bit fun too.

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